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This is not fire damage; it is water damage that occurred in less than 3 years as a result of poor integration of stone finishes, poor stucco detailing and inadequate flashings and drainage. This house was fully repaired with the settlement monies procured for the Owner by our offices.

Less than 3 years of water intrusion behind the exterior stucco walls caused this level of extensive damage, rot and mold to framing beneath stucco.

Water damage extended up through all the floors; surface stucco before repairs looked normal; infrared and astute selection of testing areas allowed procurement of settlement monies to strip and repair stucco and underlying structural sheathing

Advanced mold and water rot to critical structural supports revealed during post-settlement repairs of this basically new, multi-million dollar home.

Faux stone trim was improperly installed, allowing water to get behind it and the stucco and waterproofing membranes and envelope. Extensive rot, staining and mold to structural wood plywood sheathing was revealed when full house was stripped for repair.

Concealed extent of rot to structurally critical elements; settlement that included cost to entirely strip house was critical in obtaining full and proper repair.

Water damage and severe rot in house less than 3 years old. Stucco surface appeared intact and builder resisted demand to strip and resurface entire house; extent of damage revealed using infrared and destructive testing to suspect areas.

This is what the surface of the house in the photos depicting the underlying damage looked like. No evident cracks or staining telegraphed the extensive structural damage that lurked beneath. Astute testing and use of advanced technologies allowed the true extent of the damage to be discerned, which overrode the builder’s insistence that the unaffected surface conditions obviated the need for stucco removal.