My Homeowner's Association hired a big name law firm to deal with all the Developer's defects. That firm was more interested in sidewalk issues than the fact that my building was sinking into the bay mud, cracking apart and leaking!  After about 2 years of wasteful, pointless meetings and lawyer fee assessments, I and 2 neighbors hired Kate to take over the claim for just our building. She attacked it right away, found a consultant that ended up not only doing the litigation analysis but also later did the actual repair and she got it settled within a year. The Homeowner's Association case was still going on when my house was fixed. If you want results, forget the big names and bigger egos, go with Kate.

San Rafael

Kate defended me when my company got dragged into a developers' dispute. Since then I have relied on her guidance and have avoided a repeat of that experience. She really listens, is extremely knowledgeable, quick (helps keep attorney fees down), concise, presents clear legal perspective to the client, opponents and the court, is very personable, has a high level of integrity, etc. Of the 15 or more attorneys I saw speak while in the courtroom, she was the most professional – obviously better prepared, and also confident, clear, persuasive, eloquent. It is evident her peers and opponents respect her as well.


Kate was fantastic in helping us get the builder to repair our home. She was so thorough, professional, and easy to work with. When things were tense she always remained calm and clear-headed. She was great at returning our calls in a timely manner, even when she was very busy. Before we found Kate, we felt powerless; after finding her and knowing that we had a very confident and trustworthy attorney on our side, we felt strong and, when the repairs were made, safe. She has integrity and it shows in her work! I would recommend her highly.

L.M. Inc.,

Kate has done extensive work for our company over the years. Initially she took care of our lien and collection issues. She is very knowledgeable and professional in her approach. She is also not afraid to speak her mind, is a straight shooter all the way and told us the realities whether good or bad. She was great about keeping us well informed of the progress through the proceedings so there were no surprises. She did a great job negotiating a fair and reasonable outcome for us.


Kate is a very professional and detailed construction lawyer and her genuine interest in the industry shows. Another experienced lawyer highly recommended her for my situation. I was not prepared for a lawsuit; indeed, I did not want it, but the only other option was to allow my house to degrade and the builder was not going to budge without it. The suit proceeded and Kate made sure I understood the process and the different impacts. Being very thorough, she negotiated an excellent and fair settlement, making sure my issues got the best results. I was impressed at how many of the opponents' attorneys and adjusters she already knew and had worked with. It was clear that they trusted her, and that that alone sped up the resolution. If you need a lawyer whom you can relate to, who is patient and responsive, and who will get the best solutions, I certainly recommend Kate.

San Francisco

I have used Kate's legal services on numerous occasions. Each time she was extremely professional, poised and patient, graciously answered my questions without making me feel stupid for asking them, and pointedly looked out for my best interests. Her advice allowed me to make major life-changing decisions that, while using her guidance, I was able to implement in a time-frame that worked to my advantage. She was very conscious of the costs involved and worked diligently to keep her fees as low as reasonably possible, given the antics of the opposing sides (and there were 20 of them!). I am pleased to give her my highest recommendation.


I made the mistake of hiring an attorney not familiar with construction when the seller of our home failed to finish it. When I realized this three years into a case that had stalled, after hundreds of thousands of dollars had been wasted, I was referred to Kate. She was sharp, caring, intelligent, and was a really effective advocate for me, and turned the case around and got it fully resolved in less than six months. Kate was constantly able to show me how to choose my battles wisely and, in doing so, kept my legal fees to a minimum. Having an attorney that knows the players, the lawyers and works with the courts is a must. Kate succeeded in obtaining a result I had given up on ever getting. Having Kate on my side made a huge difference.